Music and S’mores fun!

We have tried making s’mores and had a fabulous music session!

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Jays Horse Riding!

Jays have been going horse riding during the Autumn Term! We have 3 weeks left! We are so impressed with how well they are getting on! They ALL love it! Enjoy this EPIC blog, it’s looooong but worth the watch!

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Our last Horse Riding of the Year!!!

What an amazing session we had! Big thanks need to go to all the volunteers who run the RDA sessions for us! The students have loved every single second of it!

The students will come home with their trophy’s and certificates when they have been presented at assembly!

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Our last Horse riding this half term!

What a great session!

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Horse Riding!

Here is our first Horse riding session of the new term…there will be another one right at the end to show you all how well they are getting on! Hope you like the music choices!!

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Horse Riding- Sparrows & Jays Style!

Every Tuesday we go Horse Riding.

The children really enjoy it and it is always such a treat to watch them and see how much they enjoy it! They are all focused and all engaged for over 20 minutes. They need to listen to the adults and more importantly listen to their horse!! They ride the same horse every week and by the end of their 12 week cycle, they really do come away with an amazing skill!

I hope you enjoy watching it! Hope you like the theme tune! It took me back to my youth!!

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Horse riding.

We are lucky that some of our pupils get the chance to go horse riding. Below are some photos of our session last week.






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Another week …..

Welcome back to Jays class blog. Time seems to be flying in class at the moment with lots of things going on. We have all settled back well from Christmas holidays and back into full swing. Below are a few pictures of what we have been up to. I will add more as time goes on hopefully.
DSCF0857 DSCF0876


Above is a small incite into what we are doing in class. A shot of some table work and work station being completed. Below is a picture of our choosing area.



There will be some more pictures soon showing off what other things we get up to in Jays week in school.


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What a busy week….

This week we have been extremely busy. Monday we started reading our new book “The hungry caterpillar” and using our pec’s boards to help us. Tuesday we enjoyed a visit from a Police man in assembly telling us some things about how to stay safe. As the week went on we have been looking out the window for some snow…….. But we have been left disappointed. Towards the end of the week we have worked hard in our maths lessons counting on and using songs to help us. Friday we have had a nice day making some chocolate rice crispy cakes, we also managed to have some time to enjoy light and sound.
Over the next couple of weeks I will try and include some pictures in our weekly blog so you can see what we have been up to as well. Over the weekend if you get up to anything exciting don’t forget to write in and tell Jay’s class all about it.
Have a nice couple of days off see you Monday.
Jays Class.

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Welcome back Jays Class….

Jays class have had a fantastic week back. Tuesday we all settled back into our class routine even with a few little changes in class. On Wednesday we took a look around the cold school grounds and an exciting PE session. Thursday we had assembly and a chance to see some of our friends, some of the class went swimming the others enjoyed maths. Finally to Friday where we managed to squeeze in some Soft play or the light and sounds room. We all hope you have an enjoyable weekend and recharge your batteries for our first full week back.
Jays Class.

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