Visit to New Farm, Kings Somborne

Ospreys had a glorious autumn day at the farm on Wednesday. The sun was shining and the day was beautiful. Jackie and John, the farmers, have a free range egg farm as well as some arable land and we explored what goes on at the farm. We started by collecting hidden eggs and packing them in egg boxes and then all got aboard a huge trailer and had a tractor ride to some new woodlands. Here we gathered different shapes, sizes and colours of leaves and had a short blustery walk to join the tractor and trailer again. Next stop was a hazel coppice where we ran about in the woods, collected sticks and attempted to build a den. We hopped back on board the trailer and we had a leisurely journey back to the farm house for lunch. After lunch we looked at different grains and did some grinding to make flour, some of which was used to make drop scones which we all enjoyed spread with butter and jam. A fantastic day out! Many thanks to Jackie and John and the Country Trust for organising.

IMG_0155 IMG_0153 IMG_0141 IMG_0129 IMG_0125 IMG_0121 IMG_0116 IMG_0104 IMG_0093

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Autumn 1

What a wonderful half term we have had and hasn’t it gone so quickly!! Ospreys have been very busy and settled in really well into the class routines quite swiftly. They have all loved going out and exploring the signs of Autumn around the school grounds and are looking forward to trips to the farm in Autumn 2.

We explored different countries and continents in our topic lessons and loved handling some of Sam’s objects from her travels to Asia. In PE we have been fortunate enough to have outside agencies delivering exciting activities for the class. We have enjoyed a variety of sports with Lee and doing adventurous circuits with Justin.

We are looking forward to Autumn 2 where our theme is Light and Sound and then starting the count down to Christmas. Have a lovely half term break,

The Ospreys Team

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End of the Year

Well what can I say? I have had an absolutely wonderful year with this Ospreys class. We have had so much fun and have all made great progress on our way. I wish everyone a very relaxing summer holiday and I wish everyone all the best in their next class or school.

If you are about on Saturday the 1st September we will be showcasing work that we produced for a competition at the Alresford Agricultural Show We won the highly commended award which will be given during their prize giving session at 2.30pm .

Have a good summer and see you in September

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Visit to the farm

On Wednesday 9th May Ospreys and Kingfisher class went to Bereleigh Estate in East Meon and had a lovely day in the sunshine, learning about the countryside and farms.

The children took part in a range of activities throughout the day. We started by first going to the gardens and planting a bean seed and seeing what else they grow. We then moved on to completing a giant puzzle about the South Downs Way and looking at various animal skulls. After that we walked to a field of oil seed rape and were shown different grains and had a go at grinding the seeds.

We had a lovely picnic lunch in the gardens of the house and then took a short mini bus ride to Drayton farm. Here we learnt about wool and had a go at making a little wool mat and then looked at the sheep, cows and pigs. We then walked across a field to a stream and did some stream dipping. We even caught a fish!!

It was a lovely day and we are very thankful to the Country Trust and Bereleigh Estate for organising such as wonderful day

IMG_8329 IMG_8288 IMG_8280 IMG_8278 IMG_8268 IMG_8264 IMG_8253 IMG_8250

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The sun came out!!

Welcome back to the Summer term! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break despite the rain. We have made a great start to the term with all the children settling back in well and getting on with their learning. We have been learning about positional language and following and giving each other instructions and as the sun was shining we did this on the adventure playground, which was great fun!  We also gave instructions to make a treasure island.

Our topic this half term is based on a local area project and as we have a couple of farm visits coming up we have linked this to where our food comes from, focusing on bees. We did some bucket time activities linked to this and enjoyed making a bee.

IMG_7661 IMG_7684 IMG_7686 IMG_7755 IMG_7756 IMG_7765 IMG_7771 IMG_7787 IMG_7793 IMG_7800 IMG_7813

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Spring 2

Ospreys have had a great half term and have been working hard. First off we attended the Table cricket competition at the Aegeas Bowl. We had a great time and enjoyed playing against other schools.

We have had some lovely learning experiences, managing to do some measuring outdoors for our maths lessons as well as using practical resources when learning how to tell the time

We have dug and explored for different rocks and soils, and had a go at making fossils and rocks during our topic lessons.

As it has got nearer the end of term we have begun to learn the Easter story and have made some lovely Easter gardens.

IMG_7395 IMG_7387 IMG_7379 IMG_7378 IMG_7357 IMG_7354 IMG_7351 IMG_7347 IMG_7343 IMG_7064 IMG_7109 IMG_7234 IMG_7245 IMG_7255 IMG_7269 IMG_7307 IMG_7312 IMG_7318 IMG_7056


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Table Cricket

We have had a great first full week back at school. We had a fun shopping trip on Tuesday to buy fruit for our smoothies that we made in our cookery lesson on Thursday. On Wednesday we had a lovely walk to the park and located the post box on the way, ready for us to send some post out. On Friday we all enjoyed our first session of table cricket with a coach from Hampshire Cricket. It was great fun and the class are all looking forward to the table cricket tournament coming up at the end of the half term.


IMG_6838 IMG_6841 IMG_6843 IMG_6844 IMG_6857 IMG_6858 IMG_6864 IMG_6869 IMG_6877


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Happy New Year


Happy New Year and welcome back to Ospreys in 2018. Today we did a ‘Bucket time’ activity where we made a New Years party hat! We are looking forward to having lots of fun and learning in Ospreys.

IMG_6785 IMG_6786 IMG_6789 IMG_6791 IMG_6797 IMG_6798 IMG_6799 IMG_6802

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Autumn Term in Ospreys

Well here we are. The last day of the Autumn term and what fun it has been. Enjoy looking through the photos and finding out about all the learning we have been up to this term.

Our topics for the new term are inventions and inventors. We will be focusing on learning about the history of the stamp, writing a letter and going for a walk to find our nearest post box to send something in the post.

The Ospreys team would all like to say thank you very much for all your generous gifts and wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

IMG_6527IMG_6546 IMG_6558IMG_6559 IMG_6575 IMG_6596IMG_6607 IMG_6616 IMG_6617 IMG_6620 IMG_6624IMG_6634 IMG_6656 IMG_6660 IMG_6662 IMG_6665IMG_6671 IMG_6687 IMG_6689 IMG_6690 IMG_6707 IMG_6734IMG_6747 IMG_6761 IMG_6770

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Welcome to Ospreys 2017 – 2018.

So here we are with a few weeks left of the Autumn term. It has been great to get to know all the young people in Osprey’s and to see how enthusiastic and keen to learn they are. They have all really engaged in our Weather topic this half term and have enjoyed our welly walks and outdoor learning activities. I will be adding some photos and videos soon, so watch this space!!

This week we have set up ‘Osprey’s weather centre’ within our classroom and will spend time becoming weather forecasters, dressing up and broadcasting the weather.

We will also begin to practice our Christmas show songs and dance. If you could please send in a named costume for the dance. This will need to be black or dark blue T – shirt and trousers.


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