The last blog from 2021-22

Well, I can hardly believe I am writing this! Its my last blog from this year!

I would like to dedicate this video to all our Sparrow families, if it wasn’t for your children these blogs wouldn’t be half as much fun! You should be incredibly proud of each and every one of them!

A huge shout out to the team! Leanne, Helen, Beulah, Kerry, Mailli, Kirsty and lovely Guy! Everyday you bring the sunshine and the energy into class, be proud of everything you have achieved this year, Sparrows runs like it does because all of you work so hard to make each day count!

We wish Mailli all the very best in her future teaching career, she starts her Teaching Training in September! We also wish our two Y6 boys all the very best in their future schools! You are both amazing and we are thankful for the two years we got to teach you and learn along side you!

We hope you ALL have the BEST Summer break!

That’s me signing off till September!

Nicola x

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Week 5!

Here you go! A lovely summery blog! Enjoy!

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A super short Magical Moments Blog

Here you go folks! A very short blog, but a lovely one nonetheless 🙂

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The Last Term of the year begins…

Well, here we go! The last term of this pretty awesome year begins!


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A Jubilee week of FUN!

Ah what a fabulous week!

I have got lot’s of swimming photos, but I will email them across after half term. This weeks blog if full of the fun things we did as a class to learn about and prepare for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!
Today was just AWESOME!

Enjoy this blog and have a great half term everyone 🙂

Nicola x

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Week 4…

Here is a blog with a few photos from across the last two weeks 🙂

Next week we have swimming, but I can’t post them on the blog. Next weeks blog will be celebrating all the things we do to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee culminating in the tea party on the school field on Friday afternoon 🙂

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A sunshine and warm week!

Well I hope you all enjoyed the 3 day bank holiday weekend last week! This week has zoomed by!

This is a short blog showing some magic moments outside and in!

I was hoping to be sitting out in my garden making this blog, but where has the sun gone?? Now I am cold and sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee! Let’s hope it comes back tomorrow!!

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Summer Term Starts now!

A nice short blog this week!

I cannot believe we are in the summer term! This year is flying by!!!

Have the best three day weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday 🙂

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A very different, quiet week in Sparrows!

It’s been a strange week in class this week! Our sparrows who were in really missed their friends who were at home! We had to go through who was in every day and they all found ways to show us how much they missed the hustle and bustle of a busy class room!

So I am hoping that everyone feels better next week and we end the term in style, on an Easter egg fuelled high 😉

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A special Mothers Day Treat

A short blog for all our Sparrows Mum’s, Aunties, Grandma’s/Nan’s/ Nannies out there 🙂

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

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