Week 7- SHOW WEEK!

What a fabulous week we have had! The children blew us away with their performance in the KS2 production, we were all in tears after it and bursting with pride. We hope you were too!

Enjoy the penultimate blog of 2018! Gosh! Where HAS the term gone?! One more week of festive madness to go!

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Sparrows Christmas Fayre & Special Celebration

We ended the week with a festive treat, our school Christmas fayre and the special celebration at Winchester Cathedral.

It’s our Christmas Show next week! Excited?? You SHOULD be!

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Sparrows are back on line!!

Hooray! After a wee break due to my poor tech skills, I am attempting to put a flavour of some of the fun we have got up to! Keep watching over the weekend for a video from our Christmas Fayre!

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Sparrows Week 3

Sorry Folks this is the FIRST week in THREE years of blogging that I don’t have a video to share :( I have had a technical nightmare with my photos and they are NOT where I saved them. We did have a great week, it was short, but full of really memorable moments. Sparrows were hit with a nasty bug so some of our big and small sparrows were really poorly. I hope everyone is feeling better now?

Keep watching as I have one more trick up my sleeve so I may be able to post something tomorrow!

Sorry again x

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Sparrows Week 2…Take 2!

First of all, we need to update our Animoto subscription, sorry for the banners on the side of the video :(

Also some of the videos I am taking are not uploading onto the blog, I will try and find out why! Remember we split our Mondays and Wednesdays between Sparrows and Magpies so do keep popping over to Magpies to watch their blog too!

Gosh, will THIS week be as exciting as last week…?? Will I finally get some cake…? All will be revealed on this weeks blog!

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Week 2 A whizz, pop BANG of a week!

A great week in Sparrows! I was out on a course for the last two days of the week, so missed out on lots of birthdays across Sparrows and Magpies!
I haven’t got all the photos from the end of the week, but they will be uploaded on Monday so KEEP watching! BIG thanks to the amazing Sparrows Team for a full on week of fun!

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Sparrows Spooky First week back…

From exploding pumpkins to spooky mummies and yucky monsters, we have had a ball this week! I cannot wait for all the fun that is coming up!

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The Last Week of Term!

Wow! I can hardly believe we are at half term already! It’s been a great 7 and a half weeks! We are so proud of all the children and how well they have settled!
Now go and have a great week off! Enjoy yourselves, as next half term is fun packed and very busy!

There will be notes in the home school books tomorrow about our fun first week back!

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Week 7?? Really?

Our penultimate week of the term!

It’s been awesome! Did you know that on Monday mornings for PE and Monday and Wednesday afternoons we combine with our friends in Magpies for sensory, cookery and Music? It’s great to have the chance to work with different children and adults!

We lost some photos from the camera this week :( I pressed delete all by accident!! Next week we will try and capture some amazing literacy photos and work in action!

Have a lovely weekend!

Nicola & Team

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The Best Bits From last Week!

As promised here are the rest of the photos from last week! It’s so fab to sit and look through them! I am proud of the children from Sparrows & Magpies, they are all doing so well!

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