The last week of term!

It has been AWESOME this week! I never get tired of praising my amazing team and even more fabulous children! It has been a blast! Even though it’s been a short term, we have packed so much in! I hope you all have a very restful half term! Ready for the next 7 weeks and 2 days! A long term ahead, but as I always say, we have left the BEST to the last!

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While the boss is away, Sparrows will…

…have so much fun and blow Nicola away with some fab photos! What a fab team, well done Helen, Vicky & Nicole! It seems you guys had a great week!

Let’s see what this week will bring! Last week! How FAST has this term gone?

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Bolderwood…the last day!

Ok, this is the BIG one!

First and foremost BIG HUGE thanks to all you lovely parents for letting us borrow your children for what has been a truly magnificent week! We have laughed our way through every day and this is ALL down to the fabulous company! Be proud, your children have stayed away from home, tried new food, met new friends and shared new experiences! They have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and dealt with it all incredibly well! Thanks for all your comments, keep them coming!

A huge thanks to all the staff! Thanks Karen for organising and running a great week and finally a huge great big shout out to the most amazing inspiring and enthusiastic staff who we couldn’t have done it without, you all went above and beyond! So here we go…

THANK YOU… Karen, Matt, Joyce, Chloe, Beulah, Louise, Sue, Jenny, Katie, Sarah & Ina. Thanks to our amazing volunteers; Rebecca, Sheila, Trudy & Becs

We loved our evening visits from Caz, Eibhlis,Theresa, Angie, Nat, James, Laura, Debby, Yvonne, Lilianna & Guy. If I have forgotten anyone I am so sorry!

Now go and have a fab FAB weekend!

Big Love Nicola :)

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Day 3 Moors Valley & Lodge Life!

It’s been another fabulous day!!! We ALL enjoyed a morning at Moors Valley, some of us went home after lunch for some lodge fun, the rest had a lot of fun on the play trail!

It’s our last day tomorrow! We are all excited to see our families, but we are NOT ready for our magical week to end :(

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Avon Tyrrell Day 2

Another fab day! We have had a great time on the Adventure Course, Zip Wire and enjoyed a canoe trip round the lake!

It’s been FANTASTIC!

We have some very tired children! (Oh and adults) Again there are lots and lots of pictures and I do really try to get an even spread of all children! I have gone through 3 iPods and 2 camera’s, which in total is over 1,500 photos! Impressive huh? We are all so incredibly proud of all the children!


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Avon Tyrrell 2019!

Day 1!

Settling in, visiting parks, having fun, finding our rooms and chilling!!!

I don’t tend to go through the photos, there are so many, I just put them on! ENJOY! We are all having a blast!

Nicola :)

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Week 3! Another Short week!

This is a short blog this week!

A reminder that next week 3 year 6 children are off on holiday to Avon Tyrell. There may not be a class blog till I am back at school on Monday 20th May to share with you all. Helen, Vicky & Nicole have lots planned for Sparrows while we are away, so I am sure I will have lots of photos to share on my return! However, there will be a residential blog everyday next week, so do take a look at it and see everything we get up too!

Enjoy the sunny weekend!

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Week 2- a full week of fun in Sparrows

Sorry there has been some confusion over swimming. We are hoping to go to Hydro every Tuesday and we go to Bishops Waltham once every two weeks!

We have had a great week, really busy! Beulah’s PE was back on Monday! A great way to start a Monday! Please can you remember to send your child’s PE kit back to school if you haven’t already. We were lucky to have another fantastic Drama session led by Vicky, she is a trained drama therapist! It was truly amazing. All the children were fully engaged and had the BEST time! Our weekly trips to Sainsbury’s are back! Two sparrows went this week and had a blast!

Enjoy your long weekend!

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Welcome Back to the Summer Term!

What a fabulous week back! Even the little weather blip didn’t dampen our mood! We had lots of fun trying out our new water wall and the new mud kitchen on the school field! We all had a go with our new number and literacy boxes, already this is shaping up to be the best term yet! Please remember we have PE every Monday, every child needs a PE kit to get changed in to! It would also be really great to have a change of clothes at school for the days we get really REALLY wet! We have hydro this Tuesday!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to comment!
Nicola :)

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Out last blog of the term…

An amazing week with amazing children!

Have a fab Easter Break, we look forward to seeing you all in two weeks, but first…CHOCOLATE!

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